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A food & beverage manufacturer and brand focusing on food and drinks that are healthier for people, the company employs over 200 people and has brands including Clipper Tea, Kall?, Mrs Crimbles and Whole Earth.

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Wessanen is very proud to have supported 12 different projects over the past 10 years. All the projects are chosen to make the biggest change in people's lives and drive them to connect to nature: this is very important so that there is a more sustainable future for everybody.

Cristina Ramsay, Technical and CSR Director, Wessanen UK



Wessanen UK is a CarbonNeutral? certified company. This means that the following emissions are included in its carbon neutrality: emissions from owned or leased or directly controlled vehicles or other equipment that use fossil fuels; emissions from the generation of purchased electricity and from heating; and emissions from waste and business travel.



Natural Capital Partners contracted the assessment of greenhouse gas emissions to an independent third-party with expertise in food and beverage, and local to Wessanen UK's headquarters.



Wessanen set a target to become a CarbonNeutral? company a decade ago.



The Wessanen group has embarked upon a programme of internal emissions reductions, having set itself a target to reduce carbon emissions by 2025 based on a Science-Based Target.

Wessanen UK has reduced its carbon footprint to zero over the past 10 years through financing 12 different emission reduction projects. The projects range from clean cookstoves to solar water heaters to renewable wind energy. As well as reducing emissions, these projects also have a positive impact on communities. Natural Capital Partners has worked with Wessanen UK to finance emission reduction projects in regions that Wessanen UK sources its raw materials from. Wessanen UK is also committed to sharing its carbon neutral approach with the wider Wessanen group companies over the next few years.



Carbon neutrality is one of the pillars of Wessanen’s ‘Connecting to Nature’ mission which is communicated to customers. The company is also working together with its suppliers so that they understand its ‘Connecting to Nature’ mission and Wessanen’s environmental targets and can set their own targets.

Social media campaign talking about carbon neutrality in support of the 'Connecting to nature' strategy.